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Code Explanation From Through
AA00 Administrative Conference of the United States 03/01/2010 Present
AB00 American Battle Monuments Commission 06/01/1972 Present
AF02 Air Force Inspection Agency (FO) 05/01/2011 Present
AF03 Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center 04/01/1984 Present
AF04 Air Force Communications Agency (Historical) 04/10/2012 Present
AF06 Air Force Audit Agency 07/01/1975 Present
AF07 Air Force Office of Special Investigations 07/01/1975 Present
AF09 Air Force Personnel Center 02/01/1999 Present
AF0B U.S. Air Force Academy 07/01/1975 Present
AF0D U.S. Air Forces, Europe 04/01/1984 Present
AF0J Air Education and Training Command 12/01/2004 Present
AF0M Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command 04/10/2012 Present
AF0R Pacific Air Forces 07/01/1975 Present
AF0U Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance Agency 09/01/2007 Present
AF0V Air Force Special Operations Command 12/01/2004 Present
AF12 Air Force Public Affairs Agency 09/01/2008 Present
AF13 HQ USAF and Support Elements 09/01/2008 Present
AF15 Air Force Civil Engineer Center 08/01/2012 Present
AF16 Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations 03/01/2014 Present
AF17 AF Installation and Mission Support 05/01/2014 Present
AF18 Defense Health Agency Air Force Element 05/01/2014 Present
AF1B Air Force Manpower Analysis Agency 04/01/2015 Present
AF1C Air Combat Command 06/01/1992 Present
AF1K Air Force Cyber Command 09/01/2007 Present
AF1L Air Mobility Command 06/01/1992 Present
AF1M Air Force Materiel Command 07/01/1992 Present
AF1Q HQ AF Flight Standards Agency 10/01/1991 Present
AF1R United States Africa Command 04/10/2012 Present
AF1S Headquarters, Air Force Space Command 04/10/2012 Present
AF1Y Air Force Civilian Career Training 12/01/2004 Present
AF20 Air Force Agency for Modeling/Simulation 08/01/2009 Present
AF2A Air Force Cost Analysis Agency 05/01/2011 Present
AF2E Air Force Legal Operations Agency 04/10/2012 Present
AF2F Air Force Medical Support Agency 04/10/2012 Present
AF2H Air Force Operations Group 04/10/2012 Present
AF2I Air National Guard Support Center 05/01/1984 Present
AF2K Air Force Historical Research Agency 04/10/2012 Present
AF2L Air Force Technical Applications Center 10/01/1981 Present
AF2M Air Force Review Boards Agency 04/10/2012 Present
AF2Q Headquarters, Air Force Weather Agency 01/01/2013 Present
AF2R Air Force Program Executive Office 03/01/1992 Present
AF2S Air Force Elements NORAD 04/10/2012 Present
AF2T Air Force Safety Center 04/10/2012 Present
AF2W 11th Wing 07/01/2005 Present
AF30 AFELM DISA 04/01/2012 Present
AF33 AFELM DLA 04/01/2012 Present
AF34 Air National Guard 04/10/2012 Present
AF35 Air Elements Defense Intelligence Agency 02/01/2006 Present
734 values found, displaying 1 to 50.[First/Prev] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 [Next/Last]