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Definition: Balance of disabled veteran leave hours not used or forfeited, as of the end of the pay period. Eligible employees are credited with an initial balance of hours at the beginning of a 12-month eligibility period based on their work schedule (e.g., 104 hours for a regular (nonseasonal) full-time employee), after applying any required offsets. The balance may be adjusted based on changes in an employee’s work schedule. Disabled veteran leave must be used within the 12-month eligibility period or it is forfeited at the end of that period. (See 5 U.S.C. 6329 and 5 CFR part 630, subpart M.)
Data Format: Decimal
Data Length: 9,2
Applicability: Enterprise Human Resources Integration, Payroll Feed
Notes: If an employee has a date entered in the DISABLED VETERAN LEAVE – START DATE OF USAGE PERIOD data field, a number must be entered in this BALANCE OF HOURS field. If the balance is exhausted, enter the number zero. The number zero must be entered after the END DATE of the usage period, since any unused leave must be forfeited after the END DATE.)
Valid Values: N/A