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Definition: Indicates the agency’s determination of whether or not an employee is eligible to participate in telework. An employee is eligible to participate in telework if all of the following parameters are true:
• Since December 9, 2010, the employee has not been officially disciplined for being absent without permission for more than 5 days in any calendar year.
• Since December 9, 2010, the employee has not been officially disciplined for violations of subpart G of the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch for viewing, downloading, or exchanging pornography, including child pornography, on a Federal Government computer or while performing official Federal Government duties.
• Teleworking does not diminish the employee’s performance or agency operations.
• Performance of the teleworking employee complies and continues to comply with the written telework agreement and performance plan between the manager and that employee.
• The employee’s official duties do not require on a daily basis, ALL DAY, every work day:
o direct handling of secure materials determined to be inappropriate for telework by the agency head; or
o on-site activity that cannot be handled remotely or at an alternative worksite.
• The employee and/or the employee’s position are not disqualified based on additional criteria established by the organization.
Data Format: Text_V
Data Length: 1
Applicability: Enterprise Human Resources Integration, Status Feed

Telework is a work arrangement that allows an employee to perform work, during any part of regular, paid hours, at an approved alternative worksite (e.g., home, telework center). This definition of telework includes what is generally referred to as remote work but does not include any part of work done while on official travel or mobile work. See the following clarifications on remote and mobile work as telework.

Telework includes:

REMOTE: A work arrangement in which the employee resides and works at a location beyond the local commuting area of the employing organization's worksite. The arrangement generally includes full-time telework and may result in a change in duty location to the alternative worksite (e.g., home).

Telework DOES NOT include:

MOBILE: Work which is characterized by routine and regular travel to conduct work in customer or other worksites as opposed to a single authorized alternative worksite. Examples include site audits, site inspections, investigations, property management, and work performed while commuting, traveling between worksites, or on Temporary Duty (TDY).

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