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Definition: The physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities; the record of such impairment; or the perception of such impairment by others.
Data Format: Number_F
Data Length: 2
Applicability: Enterprise Human Resources Integration, Dynamics Feed
Enterprise Human Resources Integration, Status Feed

In the case of multiple impairments, the code should indicate the impairment that results in the most substantial limitation.

The data standard is applicable to and required for accessions occurring on or after September 26, 2010. Beginning September 26, 2010, new hires will complete the new SF 256. Agencies may, but are not required to, resurvey their current employees with the new SF 256. For accessions occurring prior to September 26, 2010, the Handicap data standard may continue to be used.

Valid Values: Current Values
Past Values