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Definition: The number of non-overtime hours in the biweekly pay period for which a part-time employee received compensation. Exclude hours in excess of the 8-hour daily overtime threshold or the applicable weekly or biweekly overtime threshold (i.e., hours paid at overtime rate). The figure in this field may not exceed the hours in the employee's hypothetical full-time regular tour of duty.
Data Format: Decimal
Data Length: 9,2
Applicability: Enterprise Human Resources Integration, Payroll Feed
Notes: The entry in this field should be the actual hours worked by a part-time employee in a pay period (including hours of paid leave), excluding hours above established overtime thresholds.

Retroactive adjustments affecting this field must be linked to the appropriate pay period via a "Correction" record for that pay period.

This data is used to compute retirement benefits for part-time employees.

See CSRS and FERS Handbook, section 81 A2.2-1-C.2.
Valid Values: N/A