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Definition: An indicator of a specific salary within a grade, level, class, rate, or pay band.
Data Format: Text_F
Data Length: 2
Applicability: Form - Personnel Actions Standard Form 50/52
Enterprise Human Resources Integration, Status Feed
Enterprise Human Resources Integration, Dynamics Feed

Except for code 00 (not applicable), the step/rate name for a numeric code is the same as that of the code. Thus, step/rate 1 has a code of 01, step/rate 2 has a code of 02, and so forth.

Although most step/rate codes are numeric, some are alphabetic. The step/rate name for an alphabetic code is dependent on the PAY PLAN to which it belongs. Along with code 00, following is a list of the alphabetic codes and the PAY PLAN to which these alphabetic codes belong. The codes are left justified, with any unused positions blank.

Valid Values: N/A